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  • All age groups will be able to roster a maximum of 7 players, including 1 goalie

    • 1 additional player can be added for an extra fee                   

  • All age groups- Games will be played 3 on 3 + goalie. If in the odd chance your goalie does not show up players will be allowed to play with 1 extra player and an empty net

  • Official rosters must be submitted by the designated registration date. After that no substitutions or roster additions will be allowed.

  • Teams are eligible to challenge the opposing team’s roster but must do so before the start of the game

  • All teams must carry copies of their birth certificates or ID’s in case of a roster/ age challenge



  • Games will consist of two 14 minute halves with a 2 minute intermission

  • All game play will start and end on a single horn.  A 2 minute warning for the end of half and end of game will be given with a double horn

  • Teams will be required to switch sides after half

  • During round robin play there will be a coin flip to determine which team picks their starting end. In playoffs the team who finished higher in the standings will get to choose their starting end.

  • A game will be considered a forfeit if a team does not show up within 10 minutes of the designated start time. Teams will have to have a minimum of 3 players to play. Forfeiting will result in a 5-0 loss for the forfeiting team

  • If games are running behind teams are required to stay within the designated area around their rink as games will start immediately following the previous game

  • In the case of inclement weather (thunder and lightning) Lacrossefest will follow a 30 minute rule: For every lightning strike there will be a 30 minute delay before play is to resume. Players are asked to stay onsite during delays. Updates will be announced over the PA system as well as through push messages on the mobile app.



  • There is absolutely ZERO tolerance and any excessive behavior will result in automatic suspension from the remainder of the tournament.

  • If a ball goes out of the playing area the team that last touched the ball losses possession and the opposite team gets the ball at center floor and the defensive team must give one yard of space to the player starting with the ball.

  • Face-offs will only occur at the start of each half will always take place at center floor.

  • Once a goal has been scored, the opposing team must fully clear half before attacking. The ball is live immediately once scored on.

  • If a game ends in a tie each team will pick 3 shooters to shoot in a round robin style shoot out. If the game is still tied after 3 shooters, it will immediately go into a sudden death shoot out. Teams must fully go through the roster before repeating shooters. For co-ed divisions, 1 in every 3 shooters must be female.

  • In playoffs, if a game ends in a tie there will be a 5 minute sudden death overtime. If it is still tied after overtime, it will continue into the shootout format.

  • If a team is winning by 10 goals at any point in the second half a mercy rule will be implemented and the game will be over.

  • Each team is allowed 1, thirty second timeout, the team must have full possession of the ball.



  • If a penalty is called a penalty shot will be immediately awarded to the non-penalized team. When a penalty shot is being taken the players who are not shooting must stand on the opposite side of half from which the shot is being taken. Any player on the roster is allowed to take the penalty shot. Once the penalty shot is completed the defending team has possession in their end.

  • Any player who receives 3 player on player penalties in a game will be ejected. If a player is ejected due to penalties the team must play short handed for the remainder of the game. If two players from the same team are ejected from the game, your team then forfeits resulting in a 5-0 win for the opponent.

  • Any player involved in a fight will be ejected from the game and the tournament. A fight is considered any excessive pushing or shoving, or punches thrown.

  • Any excessive body contact will not be tolerated. If this occurs, it will be recognized as a penalty and an immediate penalty shot will be rewarded for the opposing team.



  • All players will be required to wear helmets with properly installed full face protection (i.e. field lacrosse helmet or box lacrosse helmet and cage). 

  • All players will be required to wear lacrosse style gloves.

  • Goalies may wear a field lacrosse style chest protector and this is encouraged, however goalies are NOT permitted to wear a box lacrosse style upper or lower body protection 

  • Goalies will be allowed to use a field style goalie stick all other players will be required to use a standard lacrosse stick

  • The ball will be a pink soft lacrosse ball NOT an Indian rubber ball



  • Teams will be allowed to have 1 coach or parent on the bench with them during the game. All other spectators are asked to watch from the rink ends or opposite to the benches.

  • Lacrossefest is a family friendly environment that does not tolerate heckling or abuse of any kind towards officials, referees, volunteers or other tournament participants. Anyone who violates this rule will be asked to leave the premises.


  • Goalies will be required to stay in their crease at all times during the game, a goalie leaving their crease will result in a penalty

  • Traditional goals will be worth 1 point. (Traditional goal is scored with 2 hands on the stick, overhand, side arm or underhand)

  • Creative goals will be worth 2 points.  (Behind the back, around the world, and between the legs)

  • Players will be permitted to down check on opposing players, as long as the down check does not start from above the shoulders.

  • Players will be permitted to take a defensive position with minimal contact, excessive contact will result in penalization.

  • Upon gaining possession teams will have 15 seconds to shoot, if no shot attempt is made in this 15 seconds the referee will call a stall and if no attempt to shoot occurs immediately, the referee will  turn the ball over to the opposing team.

  • No phillys will be permitted (Ie. no shots with excessive force), if this is determined to have occurred the player will be penalized and this penalty will count against the players penalties against other players total.

  • The following is a list of penalties that will be called:

    • Slashing

    • Cross checking

    • High Sticking   

    • Body Checking

    • Over head down checking

    • Charging 

    • Holding

    • Tripping

    • Unsportsmanlike conduct

    • Too many men

    • Interference

    • Delay of game

**No refunds / exchanges available once registered** 

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