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Growing up, all we ever wanted to do was play as much lacrosse as possible. Our fondest memories was getting together with buddies and playing backyard lax.  We played for endless hours pretending to be our hero’s in the game, being creative as we could, learning new ways to pass and shoot the ball and think outside the traditional ways of game play.  Our passion for the game has shaped us into who we are today.  Lacrosse has taught us to be many things, but most of all it has taught us the life lessons of respect, honour and integrity.  With sticks in our hands and a team surrounding us, nothing else matters.


Forget about carrying your own nets to the park, putting the ball through or over the fence in your backyard or running down the field to get your ball. Forget about trying to remember the score and about calling your own penalties. Take the essence of field and box lacrosse and combine them with real rinks and fields, the support of official referees and you get the largest backyard lacrosse tournament in North America. Each game is played on 50% to scale NLL sized rinks on grass fields with real boards, real netting and real referees. With this, we bring you Lacrossefest - Game On!


Each tournament features divisions of all ages, genders and experience levels without the worry of your ball going out, fencing going down or unofficial refereeing. 

This is for “EVERYONE” – If you love to play the game then Lacrossefest is for you!

U9: 4 on 4 + goalie = 9 players

All Other Divisions: 3 on 3 + goalie = 7 players per team

DJ’s will be playing throughout the day with local live music at night. Indulge in your favorite food and beverage vendors, drinks with the team, and kill time by playing our interactive games such as the hardest shot, shooting accuracy and more.   Lacrossefest - Game On! is bringing the passion of sport, music, food and fun together for a family-fun festival.


What separates Lacrossefest – Game on from other tournaments? Each game is played on a 42.5ft x 100ft grass field surface with FULL patented rinkboards and netting behind each goalie to ensure no time is lost retrieving balls. All games will be played with certified referees from local referee associations. It combines the best elements of box and field while promoting fun and creativity that includes a 2 point goal for scoring with a creative touch (around the world, back hand, etc).

All divisions U9 and under will have a roster of 9 players (4 + goalie) and all divisions older will have a roster of up to 7 players (3 + goalie).

No matter what, each team is GUARANTEED 3 games and 70% of all registered teams will make the playoffs. 

We are fully organized with the best partners in the business to ensure no details are over-looked. Our registration and scheduling process allows for up to the minute updates on any delays or early starts with push messages sent directly to team manager's phones.

Working hand in hand with our local partners to ensure ongoing entertainment and an overall positive festival experience. Music will be playing, vendors will be selling merchandise and food, beer gardens are provided for the older divisions and interactive games will be available to all ages. If you’re a young player wanting to play with buddies or an adult wanting to re-live your youth Lacrossefest – Game On! Is for you!

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